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Lee Maplesden Web Designer

Hi! i'm Lee, and I'm a Designaholic.

That’s right, Designaholic. The coolest word I could find to sum up how much I love designing stuff.

Let me start off by saying I’m not a freelance designer, I work full time for a computer games studio (awesome!) which means I’m constantly designing cool stuff! And not writing blogs or marketing myself. That’s 8 hours a day pushing pixels around in Photoshop… and I love it!

So what sort of stuff do I do? Well, mostly web design. I’ve worked on some very high content websites with hundreds of millions of visits a year, and that’s not exaggerating. Fortunately most of the websites I’ve worked on have been fun products and that definitely makes the jobs more exciting. I get less attractive projects to work on too, like billing pages and booking systems but no one wants to see them here in my portfolio… I don’t! A high standard of design has been important with the websites I’ve worked on and so has the user flow. Breaking down complex information and making it ultra simple so that a baby could understand it and navigate around a website has been key in all my web design work too.

Did I mention that I hand code too? Well I do! HTML, CSS, some PHP and all that malarkey, oh and I can work in WordPress too. Recently I’ve had it easy though, I only work on the design of a project and pass it on to the web monkeys to code up (bonus!) not this website though, I run out of bananas and had to code it myself!

So what else do I do? I do print work as well! Brochures, leaflets, gift cards, T-shirts etc. etc… and once I designed the side of a van! So some varied work there. I’ve worked in flash producing a short animated story and designed a countless number of banners. I’ve worked on logo designs, HTML emails, DVD interfaces, Twitter & YouTube backgrounds, illustrations and even cartoon characters! I’ve also had to endure working with PowerPoint presentations… life can’t all be good I guess.

That’s the basics of what I do, to summarise, I design stuff!
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Recent Work

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